The Winter Olympics, Tabor’s new coach and other scattered thoughts

Here are some random thoughts while wondering if the Winter Olympics will melt away some day due to global warming.

n It sure looks like the new football coach at Tabor has been busy climbing the coaching ladder. Robert Rubel has seemingly had considerable success as an offensive or defensive coordinator in Texas, Oklahoma and North Dakota.

Gardner made the transition rather well to head coach, but there are no guarantees. On paper it sure looks like Rubel is ready and able to try his hand at being a head coach. Only time will tell.

n I’ll bet the interest in the head coaching job at Tabor was a lot greater than it was when Tim McCarty got the job seven or so years ago.

n It’s interesting how fast news spreads. You didn’t learn first about the hiring of Tabor’s new football coach from the Hillsboro media or even Kansas media as far as I can tell. One way or another, the new Tabor football coach was announced on the Victory Sports Network Web site before either Tabor or the Free Press put it on their Web sites.

Go figure. If you want to give the Victory Sports Network Web site a look, go to The site covers NAIA sports very well.

n Thanks to a major $1.2 million gift from Joel Wiens and his sons, a renovated football stadium at Tabor has moved from the dream to probable stage. Fantastic.

n How ironic that the gift might never have happened if Phillips University hadn’t closed its doors some years ago. Wiens said, “Since Phillips University died, I haven’t had a school, so it’s obviously appearing we’re adopting Tabor.”

n I don’t know how much the recent success of the Tabor football program helped spur plans to fix up Reimer Field, but it couldn’t have hurt.

n Even so, do you think there was a realistic chance of upgrading the football complex at Reimer Field without the $1 million commitment from the Wiens family?

Given the priorities and needs of the college, it’s hard to imagine that Reimer Field would have changed much in the foreseeable future. Now let’s hope Tabor and USD 410 can work together to build a complex that will make Hillsboro proud.

n Do you remember the last time the Tabor men’s basketball team dropped five conference games in a row? Me neither. However, give the team credit for bouncing back to finish strong.

n I regret missing the curling competition during the Winter Olympics. It’s an intriguing sport and I suspect it’s one that many moms and wives wish their sons and husbands would learn minus the ice.

Do they start the competition by saying, “Gentlepersons, start your brooms”?

n Think of the possibility for curling spectators. They could design a sign that says “We will sweep you off your feet.” Or, “We’ll put you on ice.” Or, “Our team will clean up.”

n Watching the many falls during the ice dancing competition makes me wonder if pads will become mandatory in four years.

n Bobsledding looks like fun, albeit a little dangerous. The number of places you can practice that sport must be fairly limited. Not every town has a bobsled track.

n What makes a sport a sport anyway? It depends on your definition, but that’s a topic for another day.

n One problem with the Winter Olympics is that in less than a quarter of the events can you tell by watching who is winning. And in the one where you could tell, you shouldn’t have been able to. That would be women’s figure skating, where the gold medal went to the last woman left standing.

n Someone has said, “If you can’t beat your computer at chess, try kickboxing.”

n Former San Diego Chargers coach Don Coryell said, “The country is full of good coaches. What it takes to win is a bunch of interested players.”

n Basketball coaching legend John Wooden said, “It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.”

n And Will Rogers said, “Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”

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