• I decided to run my Hillsboro High School class of 1964 senior picture with my column this week to call attention to the annual all-school reunion that will be held Memorial Day weekend. Didn’t think I needed permission to run the photo so just did it.

    The all-school reunion is planned for every Memorial Day weekend so eventually everyone will know that’s when it is.

    Some people have said why not have it every other year or every five years. The best reasons I can give is that every year there are classes with significant milestones which we want to recognize. And if it is every year, there’s no guessing as to when it is.

  • This past Sunday my dad, if he were still alive, would have turned 90 years old. He was one of my biggest encouragers and I miss him. Occasionally, he appears in dreams. It almost seems real, but it’s only fleeting.

  • Last week Nancy asked me if I saw the Resslers being escorted out of town by the police. At least I pictured it in my mind. I wondered why Lawrence and Sharon would be escorted out of town.

    Turns out it was the Hillsboro High School wrestlers who were escorted out on their way to Hays for the state tournament.

  • We took delivery on our Girl Scouts cookies recently. There is something about those little cookies I find irresistible. I have never yet been able to eat just one of those Samoas.

  • This past Saturday was a basketball feast for me.

    Beginning at 2 p.m., I watched the Tabor women overcome a double-digit deficit to make it to the KCAC finals on Monday without some of their key players. The gals on the court showed a lot of grit and got the job done.

    Then, when I got home I watched K-State come up short at Oklahoma. They had to have been fouled on those last shots.

    After that it was Wichita State for the Missouri Valley championship. It was a great game as the Shockers withstood the three-ballers from Southern Illinois.

    Finally it was KU and Texas. By then my eyes were getting bleary. The young Jayhawks’ pro careers may be on hold after Texas whipped them every way possible.

  • If you take the KSU-Texas margin of one point and the KU-Texas margin of 25 points, does that mean K-State will win by 23 this Saturday? It means the Sunflower showdown will be decided by four points or less.

  • I should also mention that the Family Festival on Memorial Day weekend will begin with a mixer on Friday night at Memorial Park, a full day of events on Saturday- including the Festival Run, the Airport Fly-In, the Classic Car Show and Hillsboro Museum activities-a Sunday demo derby, the American Legion memorial service on Monday and the tentative opening of the Hillsboro Family Aquatic Center. Full details will be coming soon.

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