Tabor students prep for ‘Anatomy of Gray’

The Tabor College Theater Program will present “Anatomy of Gray” March 2 to 4.

Set in rural Indiana in the late 1800s, the production focuses on Galen P. Gray, a young doctor who is experiencing a crisis of faith.

Prone to fainting at the sight of blood, Gray doubts his abilities as a healer and sets out on a journey to reexamine his life. Soon, he loses his way and ends up in small town, also named Gray.

Gray’s journey is presented in a story-telling style.

Characters are played by the following cast members: Jonathan Regier, Hillsboro (Gray); Rebecca Pederson, Cimarron (June Muldoon); Rachel Pederson, Cimarron (Rebecca Muldoon); Aaron Miller, Hillsboro (Homer); Josh Rhoades, Newton (Pastor Phineas Wingfield); Rachel Foote, Bethany, Okla. (Tiny); David Campbell, Wichita (Blacksmith Crutch Collins); Jennifer Hope, McPherson (Belva); and Angela Buller, Ingalls (Maggie).

The performances will be at 7:30 p.m. in the Tabor College Theatre Lab located in the lower level of the H.W. Lohrenz Building.

Tickets are $5 for the general public and $2 for students. They are available in the Student Development Office. Call 947-3121 ext. 1033 for more information. Seating is limited.

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