PARTLY NON-SENSE- Making peace with the crud…


  • I can certainly empathize with anyone who has suffered with the crud, influenza or flu-or whatever else you wish to call it. The past eight days were anything but pleasant. The doc said I had the viral type, which basically leaves you on your own to get over it.

    For me it was day after day of fever and dry coughing. One night I coughed for five hours straight. Thought I would end up with a hernia.

  • One night the chills were so bad I put on my sweats over my pajamas (I only wear PJs when I’m sick) and then covered up with six blankets and a sleeping bag and was still shivering like a chihuahua at the North Pole.
  • After the marathon coughing spell, I called the clinic again and asked for that special cough syrup I used to get years ago because I couldn’t go another night like the last one. I couldn’t think of the name of it, but told them it was orange with little chunks of something in it. Let me tell you, this stuff really works.

    You take one teaspoon just before bedtime and I guarantee you will not cough and will not even wake up until morning. You can even feel a grin coming across your face right after taking it because you just know how well it works.

  • There is one danger of being gone from work for such a long time. The rest of my compadres may now think I don’t really do anything all week long.
  • It’s almost time for the best that the basketball season has to offer. It’s called tournament time and teams can overcome what went wrong during the season. It’s a fresh start. All teams are again 0-0.

    While our Hillsboro teams have struggled at times, there have been many bright spots along the way. I think they have what it takes to make a serious run for the championship if they put forth profound intensity for the next few weeks.

    How do you think Oklahoma State beat Texas?

  • We called the kids in Atlanta Sunday night and were surprised that grandson Alex answered the phone. That has never happened before, so it was kind of neat to get him on the phone without coaxing him to talk with us.

    We’re planning a trip down there in spring and have our sights on going to Savannah while there. We’ll have to watch “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” to get in the Savannah frame of mind for the trip. It’s Georgia’s oldest city and on the coast.

  • When you think about it, there are zillions of places one has never been. I used to think it would be neat to set foot in every state. So far I have never been in Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire and Rhode Island.

    One time we drove 30 miles off of the interstate in Alabama just to set foot in Florida. And I think we were just about one foot across the state line.

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