Senior class one of the best ever

Andrew Bina leads one of the deepest and most successful senior classes in the history of Hillsboro wrestling.

The rest of the lineup includes:

  • Chris Jensen (20-16 at 119 pounds), who moved to Hillsboro last season and returned to wrestling after a layoff with a 13-10 record last season
  • Ric Johnson (31-9 at 130 pounds), who qualified this weekend for his third appearance at state.
  • Eric Cress (31-4 at 140 pounds), a Goessel High athlete who qualified for his second state appearance.
  • Matt Brown (28-6 at 145 pounds), who qualified for his second straight state appearance after moving to Hillsboro for his junior season.
  • Kurtis Shaw (20-11 at 275), who complete his HHS career with a 1-2 showing at regionals this past weekend.

O’Hare said this class of seniors has demonstrated leadership mostly by example.

“When we’re running our stairs workout-which is one of our grueling days of working out-they’re leading the pack, they’re pushing themselves hard,” O’Hare said. “When they pass other kids, they say ‘Let’s pick it up a little bit.’ They give subtle hints that if you’ve get any more left in you, find it and let’s get after it.”

It’s been a fun class to coach, he added.

“They all have just a good personality and they have fun with things away from wrestling,” O’Hare said. “But when we move up toward match time, they become focused very quickly.

“My biggest hope would be that they’ve worked hard enough not to have any regrets when they’re done, and that things will fall their way as we finish off the season. They’ve certainly put in the time and the effort.”

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