Williams seeking homes for new businesses, parents’ opinions on a community daycare

Marion Economic Development Director Jami Williams told the Marion City Commission Monday that she is looking for a 5,000 square-foot building with high ceilings as the location for a new business that may come to town.

Williams said she has also spoken with the owner of another potential new business about including an art gallery with it.

The Chamber of Commerce is working with Williams on an application to the Kansas BREES Program of the Kansas Department of Commerce designed to provide basic business statistics and employers’ opinions on business issues.

Williams is seeking opinions from parents on community daycare feasibility on a form available on the city Web site or through the schools. She reported an “excellent” return already of 40 forms.

She invited everyone to watch for the “1st Annual State of the City report” that will arrive inserted in this week’s Free Press.

Marty Fredrickson, building inspector, told commissioners there is no problem in allowing the school to locate 10-foot x 12-foot shed set on cinder blocks with mobile home tie-downs at the city baseball fields.

Margo Yates, reporting for the Rec Commission, said red shale distributed at the ball fields is allowing the fields to dry out after rains in a much shorter time. Other communities, she said, are noticing Marion’s ability to go back to playing baseball much earlier after precipitation while their own fields are still too wet.

Yates said dimensions of baseball infields need to be corrected after inadvertent mistakes made in other years.

Grade school youngsters will participate in one more game of indoor soccer Saturday at the elementary school, Yates said. The first experimental game day was two weeks ago.

She said 29 teams participated in Marion Rec basketball this year and in the tournament last week.

City Attorney Dan Baldwin reported that after talks with Williams, and “Friends of the Trail” members Casey Case, Harry Bennett and Mickey Lundy, the only issue to be resolved before opening a walking trail involves discussion with a concerned land owner northwest of the town.

The commissioners approved Clerk Angela Lange seeking on-line banking services with Central National Bank to enable daily balance checks.

They approved paying warrants for $107,577.34.

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