PARTLY NON-SENSE- Guarddog protects time well


  • My nieces, Jeanette and Gloria, who live in Minnesota, are very thoughtful. At Christmas we received a big package with gifts for all of us.

    I got a Guarddog Watch. It is the kind that clips to one’s belt or pocket and is made for the working man. The face is protected because it hinges up toward the body. When you wish to see the time, you flip the watch down and there it is.

  • I know I’ve torn a conventional watch off of my wrist countless times. But no more. The new one is also an incentive to keep the belly flat as it’s much harder to see the time without one.

  • I’m not sure if our local motels have an inhouse video presentation on their TV systems because I’ve never stayed in one. But most of the ones I have stayed in elsewhere have a video about what the motel has to offer, etc.

    On the Boomtown USA blog I read every day, it mentioned that rural areas like ours would have an opportunity to present highlights of the area with a localized video of area attractions that may cause the guests to linger in the area longer if they saw what there is to see. Here’s a job for a video savvy person to plug in to boost the local economy.

  • When a woman goes shopping for shoes, how many pair is the correct number to buy?

    Is it (a) one, (b) two, (c) three, (d) more than three?

    At our house the answer is (d) and it is also many more than three. But since she found them at 80 percent off, that makes six for about the price of one.

  • I’m wondering why some of the area newspaper editorial boards who called elected representatives to task for accepting casino lobby money didn’t go after everyone who received it. I checked a few more area representatives campaign finance reports and learned they all received money from the casino lobby.

    Maybe it has to do with who they are wishing to make look bad. Our own Sen. Jim Barnett was never mentioned, but also got the money-and I don’t think he supports casinos either. If I was in office, I would take everybody’s money since everyone gets it anyway.

    How did I come this kind of thinking?

  • Last week I was walking up North Main at a rather fast clip when my toe caught on a corner of new concrete that has heaved up since it was poured. As I fell forward, I had visions of two broken arms but my track-and-field high jump training kicked in and I rolled as I hit the sidewalk and came to rest in a ball.

    A quick check revealed all was well. I looked around to see if anyone saw the event and noticed that some people in a van had stopped to see if I was going to get up.

    As soon as I did, it drove off.

  • Our home newspaper delivery is getting good reviews so far. I’ve even heard that some folks get a newspaper at both the front and back doors.

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