EDITORIAL- Talk to each other

We don’t think fence-mending is an official activity of the Marion County Fair, but maybe it should be. At Monday’s meeting of the county commission, members of the MCF board suggested its relationship with the City of Hillsboro is somewhat frayed after some head-butting about land use on the city-owned fairgrounds that is home to fair-owned facilities.

Both sides make a strong case. The city needed to find the best location possible for its new aquatic center as well as protect its investment in an upgraded Memorial Field-two moves that have impinged on already limited space for county fair activities.

It would be a shame for Hillsboro and the county fair to part ways after their 75-year partnership. We trust it won’t come to that, but it will be difficult for the two entities to find common ground-pun intended-without speaking proactively to each other rather than reactively about each other.

Both entities are comprised of smart and creative folks. If they put their heads together-to talk and not to butt-we’re confident they’ll find a win-win solution. Get to it, please. -DR

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