HHS Scholars’ Bowl takes 3rd in region

The Hillsboro High School Varsity Scholars’ Bowl team placed third at the regional tournament Feb. 2 in Marion.

Team members were Robert Jost, Greta Kliewer, Victor Rogers, Clinton Schneider and alternate Hannah Shope.

In pool play, Hillsboro defeated Wabaunese 70-40, Hesston 80-20, Remington 60-20 and Mission Valley 50-10; lost to Southeast Saline 50-60 and Bennington 25-70; and defeated Beloit 80-40 to advance to semifinal play. Hillsboro then lost to Wichita Collegiate 20-50 and defeated Southeast Saline 50-40 to place third.

Hillsboro will compete at the state meet Saturday, Feb. 11, in Rossville.

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