• Generally, it is easy for me to collect my thoughts and write about 500 words each week in a short time. For some reason, that isn’t the case now. I think it’s because I got too much rest over the weekend and have become groggy because of it.
  • K-State beat KU in men’s basketball after 31 straight losses dating back to January 1994. That was the last time I was in Allen Field House for a game.

    The crazy thing about the most recent game is that the sun came up on Sunday morning just like it always has. This loss was no big deal to me. It is just a game and the players are just kids when you think about it.

    No one loses every time, except I have never won at chess.

  • Two Web sites pack a powerful punch for helping find names, addresses, phone numbers, zip codes, area codes, and reverse names and addresses.

    Example: If you know the address but not the name, you can find it. If you know the phone number but not the person, you can find that, too.

    The sites are and You can even find out who your neighbors are by searching the site as well as buy mailing lists.

  • We recorded “The Book of Daniel” a while back and decided to watch it Sunday night. This is the controversial show KSNW Channel 3 decided was not fit to show to its audience, then, after a few people complained, showed the program anyway.

    It’s not my kind of show and it appeared to me that all it tried to do was see how many taboo subjects it could touch on and to shock the audience in every way possible. In many ways it was just like “Desperate Housewives.”

    Now that I’ve seen it, I won’t be watching it again. The public really does determine what is offered. If no one watches, the shows are cancelled.

  • That goes for expensive game tickets and expensive food and beverage at major sporting events. If people stopped going to games and buying the $3 soft drinks, the prices would come down. I think it’s called “What the traffic will bear.”

  • A few years back it was very popular for couples to use both last names and separate the names with a hyphen after they were married. I can think of a few instances where it would have sounded like an echo.

    For example: Bartel-Bartel, Klaassen-Klassen. You get the picture.

  • Will winter ever show up again?
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