Changes at library have lessened appeal

The Hillsboro Public Library has always been one of my favorites. It has had such a nice adult reading area with comfortable upholstered chairs, a large magazine rack and a rack with many area newspapers.

But not any more. The area is quite bare except for a large area rug on the carpeted floor.

I was told there was a nice cozy area by the windows, where I could read. They wanted to keep all the front area for the children.

All the nice comfortable chairs are next to the front windows. When I was there between 1 and 2 p.m. the chairs were in full sun. It shouldn’t take long to fade them badly. During the 30 minutes or so I was there, no one sat in them.

There are two small magazine racks on either side of the chairs. The newspaper rack is pushed into a small space.

While I was there, a couple came in and expressed surprise at the new arrangement. A single man came in and was told his newspapers were on the table. There are straight-back chairs at a table where a person can sit, if the sun is too much for them.

What is that nice sunny area going to be like this summer?

No children were in the library while I was there. They were all in school, which is the way it will be for nine months of the year.

Any time I have enjoyed the adult reading area in the past, there has always been someone there besides me.

The librarian didn’t tell me, but the area looked like it would be a story-telling area for children. When will that be? The library is closed on Sunday. That leaves Saturday.

In the meantime, adults, you may enjoy your cozy little area in the sun.

There are other libraries, but yours was one of the best. Not any more.

Rita O’Neal


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