• I have always wondered why stairways were supposed to have handrails. Now I have the answer-my creaky knees just told me.
  • Everyone who lives in Hillsboro city proper along postal carrier Route 1 should have received this issue of the Free Press on Tuesday by early evening. Folks living along postal carrier Route 2 have been receiving the Free Press on Tuesdays for several months already, and the feedback we have is all positive.

    Our home-delivery crew is now complete and we salute the energetic independent business people, both young and older, who have signed up to bring the Free Press to your front door each week.

    In these first few weeks, a few glitches may crop up, now that we have taken on the entire city. Please tell us if you or your neighbor are experiencing one with our delivery plan.

  • Brother Mark was here for a couple of days over the Christmas holiday. When he’s here, I always have him fix a few things on my computer.

    One little nuisance thing on my Mac had been bugging me for some time, and it was becoming increasingly urgent to make it work correctly.

    Mark fixed in a few minutes what my tech support person in Iowa told me couldn’t be done.

    I was so excited at the moment the problem went away that I asked him if he didn’t have a brother as smart as him I could hire. Then I realized I am that brother…but without the skills I needed.

  • Did everyone else notice that spammers don’t take holidays?

  • This Part D drug coverage that is coming down the pike for people like my mom appears to be one of the biggest boondoggles ever proposed by the federal government.

    Simplification has never been at the forefront of a government program and this Part D thing is no exception.

    Kansas alone offers about 143 separate drug plans available through myriad insurance companies. The more I read about the program, the worse it looks. I hope I’m wrong.

  • As we move into a new year, the Internet will play an even larger role in how consumers obtain information. I have been monitoring our Free Press Web site during the past year and am finding that the number of stories read per week has nearly doubled from a year ago. Businesses with a Web presence on our site are also seeing a rapid rise in page-views and click-throughs with as many as 500,000 views.

    In past 12 months, 445,872 cyber readers found something of interest from a total of 1,711 stories published. Some 45,000 searches were made of our archives.

  • We have added a button on the right side of our site to make it easier for our readers to submit news. The button is blue and is titled “Send us your news.” Click it for the form you need.

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