PARTLY NONSENSE- We Still Say ‘Merry Christmas’


  • Christmas is here. We want to wish all of our readers and advertisers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    It never occurred to me that I couldn’t say “Merry Christmas” for fear of offending anyone. Hope your holidays are safe, enjoyable and restful.

    We are taking a Monday off for the first time in eight years. In fact two in a row. Too bad the snowfall was a week early but then traveling will be much safer with dry and warmer weather that is forecast for next weekend.

  • The snow of this past weekend was my last effort to shovel the sidewalks of downtown Hillsboro. Basically there are two reasons.

    One, I am wishing to avoid the risk of potential heart problems that the cold and heavy exertion present.

    Two, I don’t want to deal with the ribbon of bricks that stop the shovel with each pass because the bricks aren’t flush with the concrete any more on either side because of settling.

  • Turn up the heat in the house and the bill goes up. Turn up the heat up in the car and it’s free. But that is only a good idea if you were going somewhere anyway.

  • It’s amazing how many gadgets come with computers these days and its seems there’s a new one every time I turn around.

    The two latest items to catch my attention are the projection units that work as a monitor but shine on the wall-a great way to show photographs in a very large format or to play DVDs. You don’t need a big TV, just a projection unit and a big wall to shine the image on.

    These units used to cost around $5,000 but are now down to about a grand.

    I recently found DVDs for a buck a piece of old TV shows and movies of Roy Rogers with Dale Evans, Our Gang (Little Rascals), Three Stooges, “The Rifleman,” “Ozzie & Harriet,” Burns and Allen and “Dragnet.”

    Haven’t had time to view them yet.

    A different gadget will broadcast TV to one’s computer, which allows you to watch football or something while you work. Is it possible to work and watch?

    It’s called Sling Media. I guess sometimes there isn’t much separation between work and play.

  • I heard on the radio the other day that you can have a star named after you for only $54.

    Why didn’t I think of that? Could the same be done with trees in the forest?

  • We received a health magazine in the mail recently that told of a Web site that has a test to determine how old you really are based on many measurements of lifestyle and genetic history.

    I tried it and learned that my real age is a few years younger than I really am.

    To find out for yourself will take quite a while because of the many detailed questions. Go to

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