Our Christian heritage is under attack

I must admit I was angered when I witnessed the removal of the Ten Commandments in the Alabama incident a couple of years ago.

Since that time, other incidents have occurred involving the removal of the Ten Commandments.

Not only have Ten Commandment monuments been targeted, but crosses have been removed as well in this war against this nation’s Christian heritage.

In many cases, hundreds of thousands of dollars have been poured into this effort at taxpayers’ expense. Several years ago in one notable case, a state motto reading, “With God all things are possible” was almost removed.

These attacks on America’s Christian heritage have one thing in common: the complete removal of Christianity from nearly every aspect of public life. This includes the annual recognition of Christmas in America.

This holiday has been attacked in recent years. There have been instances in public schools in which “winter break” has been substituted for “Christmas break.”

In fact, it is possible that the very concept of 2005 A.D. may under attack because if refers to “the year of our Lord.”

There is no doubt that the Founding Fathers would disapprove of this frightening trend. In fact, many of them stated that America’s prosperity is due to God’s blessing and protection. We should not forget this.

Our Christian heritage should not be erased as if it never existed. I believe this is true now more than ever.

Chris Nelson


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