A ‘yes’ vote on casino is a vote for progress

I am writing a short letter to ask for your support in the upcoming vote in Marion County.

A “yes” vote will mean Marion County is a county looking ahead for the future. We are showing the entire state of Kansas that Marion County is progressive and our county commission is not afraid to ask people to come to Marion County, spend money and build their new businesses.

We ask ourselves how we can help Marion County, well this is how: Remember to vote yes (even if we don’t get the casino); we will show the state we are serious about new business locating in Marion County.

The money spent on this election is getting Marion County advertising we would not get otherwise. So remember, vote “yes” for progress.

Dave Crofoot

CEO Western Associates


Say no to allowing Sunday beer sales

In response to allowing alcohol to be sold in public places in Hillsboro on Sunday, Aldina and I have strong thoughts against this proposal.

While we are in favor of good business and good times, we operated a grocery here for more than 50 years. We love our town and we love our youth, even if it means less business.

Hillsboro has been a good example to our county, other communities and families. The leaders of our community have been wise in choosing not to allow a liquor store.

My 25-year-old brother Jim was killed on Thanksgiving Day years ago by a man who had been drinking beer. More than 35 percent of all traffic deaths are alcohol related. Let’s not make alcohol more available.

Please vote no to discourage more drinking.

Aldina and Ray Franz


Donors in recent blood drive are heroes

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes and the American Red Cross would like to thank the heroes who donated blood at the Hillsboro Red Cross blood drive on Nov. 25.

Recent history has shown the need to be prepared for personal and national crisis. As the largest supplier of blood in the country, the Red Cross works diligently to collect sufficient quantities of blood to respond when needed. Blood donors and volunteers are essential to the success to the American Red Cross.

Thank you to everyone who made our last blood drive a success; 33 productive units were collected.

We cannot fulfill our mission without each and every one of you. Our next blood drive is scheduled for Jan. 24.

Shirley Kasper & Gladys Funk

Blood drive co-chairs


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