EDITORIAL- Which Way Progress?

Some would make the case that a vote for a casino is a vote for progress. If that’s true, progress ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.

If it’s forward thinking to pursue an industry that produces no wealth and entices people into compulsive and often destructive behavior, then backward-stepping away from futile suffering-is the better move.

If we look to build a stronger economic future on the fundamental business principle that for some to win, others-many others, in fact-must lose, then what kind of foundation are we laying?

Pursuing a destination resort casino for Marion County is a bad idea on its face. If the experience of Holton is any indication, following our society’s bent toward gaming will lead us neither to prosperity nor perdition. For the little economic value we might gain, how much of our moral capital are we willing to wager?

Would we support a destination casino in Marion County? No.

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