Photographer donates print to state office

Photographer Les Broadstreet, formerly a longtime Marion businessman, has delivered a 20-inch-by-24-inch print of the above photograph called “Kansas Gold” to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, District of Kansas, for permanent display. The print will represent the State of Kansas in the National Advocacy Center, a training center for federal and state attorneys in Columbia, S.C. Taken in 1978, the photo shows the state bird (meadowlark), state flower (sunflower) and state tree (cottonwood).

The idea for the photo came about when Broadstreet, again of Marion, was returning from photographing a family south of Derby. He noticed many meadowlarks on fence posts along the road and flying in the meadows.

The following day, he located an old gatepost with barbed wire and the composite idea for “Kansas Gold” began to come together. He drilled holes in the post and put rods in it so it could be placed anywhere in a meadow with a tree in the background. Sunflowers were cut and placed in a container. After several days of effort, a meadowlark perched itself on the post and Broadstreet took the shot.

Asked if the meadowlark was stuffed, Broadstreet replied, “With as much grain as I put out, it surely should be.”

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