GHS students ‘Can the Teacher’

The Goessel High School Student Council led a successful canned food drive Wednesday called “Can the Teacher.”

Students brought canned foods and stacked them in front of the classroom doors of teachers. If enough cans were brought to cover the entire door to the top door frame, that teacher didn’t teach that day.

As a reward, the students who would have normally had class that hour went to the auditorium for a movie or other activities. An entire pickup load of cans were brought this year as opposed to a few boxes in recent years.

“The activity we had planned was a major success compared to past years,” said Tyler Schroeder, Stuco president.

“It was awesome,” Ryan Van Horn said. “We got to get out of class and give away a lot of canned food.”

Travis Duerksen told of buying trips to Dillons, figuring how to buy the most cans for the lowest price within a budget.

The canned food was donated to the Tabor Mennonite Church Food Pantry for those in need.

“We actually heard the idea from another school at the regional Stuco workshop at Ellsworth this year,” said Brian Stucky, Stuco adviser. “The faculty and administration approved the idea for the day before Thanksgiving, which was only a half day of school. It created a tremendous amount of enthusiasm in the school, and it was for a good cause.”

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