Essays lead to Snowflake King & Queen selections

The Holly Days Snowflake King and Queen, Jerry Troyer and Anna Loewen, were selected on the basis of essays written by their grandchildren.

The essays were written by third, fourth and fifth-graders at Hillsboro Elementary School.

Following are the winning essays.

Jerry Troyer is lovable, caring fun. He is the best papa ever. I think he should win because he’s nice to people and is forgivably wonderful. And prays to God whenever he needs, and prays at dinner. We’re thankful for God giving us Jerry. We would have no one to visit and hardly no one would move just to be close. I think he deserves to be Snowflake King. He’s willing, heartful, and loving. He respects everyone.

-Courtney Troyer, fourth-grader, daughter of Andy and Karen Troyer

My grandma is special because she takes care of my sister when my mom and dad are gone. She watches movies with my sisters, and eats supper with them, and helps them when they have problems.

My grandma also invites my whole family over for Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthdays and Easter and other events. My grandma also gives my family cards on their birthdays and also the most special thing about her us that she loves my family and me.

-Tessa Helene Loewen, third-grader, daughter of Loren & Nolly Loewen

Hi, I’m Tena Luanne Loewen and I’m here to tell you that my grandma, Anna Loewen, is the best candidate for Snowflake Queen! Here is why-she is the greatest.

She loves to do things with you. It is great fun to do things with her like garden, feed the dogs, cut the grass, trim the trees, play a card game, especially Block-head (even though she always wins).

She is totally fun to cook with. It is even more fun to cook with her when she lets you sample foods first and lick out the bowl. She is the best cook in the world. I mean it, too.

My grandmother is trustworthy, loveable and most of all, godly.

My Grandma Anna is the most sparkling delight for a Snowflake Queen ever!

-Tena Loewen, fifth-grader, daughter of Dave and Joanne Loewen

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