• There seems to be plenty of good news in our county-and it seems to happen with regularity. It’s great to hear that Kingfisher’s Inn will be reopening soon. Anyone with ties to this area will remember going there as a kid and on into adulthood.

    What’s even neater is that new owners Jim and Tina Novak are being backed by a host of folks with Marion ties who realize the importance of the draw the restaurant has had for this area.

    Then, down the road in Florence, the Mills family, who owns Doyle Creek Ranch, is opening a Flinthills giftshop and guesthouse.

  • It has never been easier to register a complaint (or a compliment) than with the Internet. When I received my Sunday Eagle, I was looking forward to reading about the Tabor Bluejays and their undefeated season. No report could be found.

    So I went to the computer and fired off a question to the sports editor as to why the game wasn’t reported.

    A response came back by the end of the day, stating it was the responsibility of the home school to provide the information. Had I known that, I would have done it myself. Hope the game at Cessna Stadium is covered without assistance from us.

  • Overheard at the Tabor football game Saturday from a long-time Tabor wonk: “People used to leave at halftime because the Bluejays were too far behind. Now they leave because they are too far ahead.”
  • One of our church groups had a bowling night at Trail Lanes Saturday night. I have never been much of a bowler, but ended up with a score of 300. It took only three games to accumulate that many pins.

    New owner Josh Ens is doing a good job with the lanes, and if you’re looking for a little fun that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg you might want to give it a try when the relatives are in town for the holidays-or anytime for that matter.

  • The Hillsboro Development Corp. launched its new Hillsboro Business Incubator Center this past Thursday night.

    From how it was explained, it looks to me like the concept is on the cutting edge for the times we are in. Basically, if you have a business idea and need help getting it off the ground, the HBIC might be your best place to start.

    I can’t explain it in a few words, but you can read more about it in our Page 1 story. If you have a passion for what you want to do, don’t wait another minute to get going.

  • Kalamazoo, Mich., just announced a revolutionary development idea. That city, with the assistance of a benefactor, is planning to pay for the college education of its citizens based upon how many years the students have attended school in Kalamazoo. What a draw.
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