A casino would only add to economic woes

The Marion Ministerial Alliance is united in our position on the possibility of a casino being brought to Marion County. We are strongly opposed to the idea.

We already are seeing more people than ever come to us with needs. They are asking for help with electric-bill payments, gasoline for their vehicles and an abundance of food requests. This doesn’t even begin to include what will happen this winter with higher natural gas prices.

What will happen when a casino is brought into the equation? Could it be that the needs will decrease, or will we see more requests for help than ever? We can barely meet the needs now.

The Wichita Downtown Development Corp., in a study on the possibility of a casino in downtown Wichita, reported that some interesting things happen when a casino is brought into a community. They found that more than 75 percent of the entire revenue is generated by citizens within a 50-mile radius. This means a drain on the economy of Marion County.

If they are correct in their estimation that 10 percent of all first-time gamblers become addicted, imagine how many of our citizens will be coming for help.

The WDDC estimates that each addicted gambler costs the community $13,586 per year. Our county will be inundated with those who spend every spare dime on gambling.

The Marion Ministerial Alliance does not want to see any more people in this community struggling to make ends meet. There are far too many hurting people in this community, and the $9,166 our county commissioners are willing to spend on a referendum would meet the needs of more people than we as a Ministerial Alliance can possibly help.

John Goering, president

Marion Ministerial Alliance

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