The Goessel Goal Getters 4-H club met Nov. 7 at the Goessel Grade School. The roll call was “Guess the name of the first Goessel 4-H Club.” The name was: “Goessel Forward 4-H Club.”

Before the meeting, recreation was led by Cameron Stultz and Kaleb Dailey. They played “Stuck in the Mud” tag.

Community leader Aileen Esau announced the trash pickup Nov. 5 was very successful. There were 21 people who showed up from the 4-H club, as well as FFA and FCCLA members from Goessel High School. They were able to complete the task in about 30 minutes.

She also said the club would be serving junior-high basketball concessions Nov. 21. Parents and 4-Hers were encouraged to help. She also said this club had the best representation at the countywide Achievement Banquet on Nov. 5.

The new theme for the club’s 4-H T-shirt this year would be “4-H is Hot!” was another thing she announced. Also, the club would be making care packages for the 61 girls in Clovia House, a 4-H scholarship dorm at K-State, at the next month’s meeting.

During the program, Dane Kruger, D’Ambra Kruger, and Keenan Stultz gave project talks. The club then adjourned the November meeting.

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