Police warn of recent cases of attempted identity theft

Local banks have reported several recent incidences of attempted identify theft, according to the Hillsboro Police Department.

Several customers have informed their banks that phone solicitors have tried to gain access to their personal information, including bank account numbers.

During these calls, someone posing as a bank official asks to verify the victim’s bank account numbers for various reasons.

Banks have assured the police department that they already have their customers’ account numbers and do not ask for them in phone calls.

In another ruse reported in the area, a caller posing as a state official claims he needs an individual’s personal information and account numbers to put him or her on a no-call list.

The state does not need this information for a no-call list, nor do they contact individuals, according to the police department. Individuals are obligated to contact the state if they want to be put on this list.

Local banks have also reported at least two check scams, in which an individual was sent a check and asked to cash it.

The suspect gives various reasons why he or she cannot cash it and directs the victim to keep half of the money for his or her effort and forward the rest to an address.

The checks are actually bogus and are drawn on nonexisting accounts, banks reported.

If the checks had actually gone through, the individual cashing the check would be held responsible while the real perpetrator gets the money.

Most of these scams come from other countries and are nearly impossible to trace, according to the police department. If the responsible party is actually located, the chances of a victim recovering his or her loss is poor.

Residents are encouraged to safeguard their information and heed the warning that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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