• It is understandable that the county commissioners would want to bring economic development to our county. I just don’t think it’s a good bet to spend about $15,000 of our tax dollars for a non-binding referendum to determine whether we citizens want a casino to come to our county.

    My impression is that Bob Knight is using us to try to muscle Wichita into getting more interested. If it is so good let him fund the election.

    We can save the county almost $15,000 immediately. We could print a ballot in the Free Press and have people send them in and we’d know what the people are thinking. I know this method is a little flawed, but so is the referendum.

  • These volatile prices on oil and gas still have me flummuxed. The situation in the United States is one thing, but according to the author of “Over a Barrel,” the OPEC countries truly have us over a barrel. They have not increased oil production in 30 years, keeping supplies tight on purpose.

    The transfer of wealth to the Middle East is astounding during the past 30 years. In a sense we are paying for terrorism at the pump. Until we have an energy policy that curtails our dependence on foreign oil, the gas prices will be volatile and high along with everything that uses energy…which is everything.

  • We need to make amends with the organizers of the annual Marion County Toy Run. Mike Sechler brought in a letter last week to ask the public for its support and to let the public know that the route would be changed this year to pass by the Lutheran Cemetery in Hillsboro to honor and pay tribute to Duane Klose and JoAnn Hicks, who died this past year.

    We’re sorry we missed getting the letter in the paper and commend the Marion County Toy Run participants for their efforts each year on behalf of those in need.

  • I was watching a television program about an Iraqi news reporter who told of how the country has changed since the fall of Saddam Hussein.

    During Saddam’s rule, the country had only five newspapers and all were controlled by the government. Now the country has about 150 newspapers.

  • The price of watching a major-college football game is way out of whack. A ticket to a Tabor football game is only $5 whereas a ticket to most state university games is 10 times that amount. Not to mention that a pro game is 20 times or more.

    If you haven’t yet seen the Bluejays in action this fall, they play at home the next two Saturdays. The entertainment dollar never looked this good.

  • Why does a chicken coupe have two doors? If it had four doors it would be a chicken sedan.
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