I’m not sure which comedian it is, but I know there’s one out there that is famous for saying: “That just ain’t right.”

Whoever that comedian is, he has inspired me to put together my own “That ain’t right” files. If you don’t mind, I’ll share a few of them with you.

File No. 1: Amusement parks charging outrageous admission and concession charges.

OK, is it just me, or are amusement parks supposed to be fun? I’m sorry, but what is fun about shelling out a couple hundred dollars just to get into a theme park?

Granted, some of the parks are worth the price of admission, but others are most definitely not.

Then there’s everything you have to pay too much for once you get into the park. I mean there’s nothing like sitting down to a greasy burger, cold fries and a small drink for $15 after getting off a roller coaster.

That most definitely ain’t right.

File No. 1A: Places that try to make themselves into amusement parks so they can charge outrageous admission prices.

What I’m referring to here is mostly Colorado’s Royal Gorge. I was there 15 or so years ago with my family. At that time, tame deer were wandering around and admission was very affordable.

Two summers ago, however, we decided to go back there on our way through Colorado. The tame deer were gone and admission was definitely more pricey.

Apparently they put up a Sky Coaster so people could experience the awe of swinging out over a canyon. The new “attraction” evidently allowed them to jack admission up to $25.

Again, I’m sorry, but I don’t think it’s worth $25 to ride a rickety old tram across the canyon to be met by a “zoo” of poorly cared-for animals on the other side.

It just ain’t right.

File No. 2: Football being played inside.

To me, football has always been an outdoor sport, and it should remain that way. We followed K-State to the Cotton Bowl the last time they played there. We didn’t expect snow and ice in Dallas, but that’s exactly what we got.

If I remember right, the temperature at game time was 33 degrees. The temperature at the end of the game was slightly warmer at 34 degrees.

Yes, we were cold, but the experience wouldn’t have been even close to the same if the game had been played in a dome.

Football was meant to be played outside. I still think the Super Bowl should be put on a rotating circuit between all of the outdoor stadiums in the league, even Lambeau Field in Green Bay.

Those guys are getting paid the big bucks. I’m pretty sure they could afford to put up with the cold weather for the chance at a Super Bowl championship.

My argument is the same for arena football. I’ve never thought of arena football as real football anyway. Apparently the guys could never make it in the NFL. Why bend the rules and give them a smaller field and a roof to give them a second chance?

How many minor league baseball teams play inside? Exactly.

Football indoors just ain’t right.

File No. 3: My final exhibit is one I thought only high schools had to deal with, but apparently I was wrong.

Our football team here at Southwestern isn’t the greatest. The other day I overheard some football players carrying on a conversation. One of them mentioned how he was going to have his dad call and chew out the coach because he didn’t get to start as a freshman.

Is American society really getting to the point that our young adults don’t know how to fend for themselves? Why is it so hard to confront the source directly?

In high school I couldn’t complain about it too much because high school students are still kids. But it really bothers me at the college level.

I really think it ain’t right that so many of today’s young adults are missing the ability to confront issues when they need to be confronted. If they don’t, then I really don’t want to think about where our world is headed.

I’ll close with something that is right. I was at the Marion-Hillsboro football game a few weeks back. It was good to see both Hillsboro and Marion marching bands on the same field, playing the same music, and being directed by the same directors. I really hope this is something that will continue for a long time.

I have no choice but to commend Gregg Walker and Mike Connell on this effort. As a former student of both directors, I can say that what happened that night was a true act of cooperation among two very classy instructors.

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