Treasure trove of heirlooms donated to Schaeffler House

Susan and Keith Ebel of Johnson County and Stan Harder, director of Hillsboro Musems, stand by a table of family heirlooms the Ebels delivered to the William F. Schaeffler House Saturday afternoon. Keith Ebel is a great-grandson of William and Ida Schaeffler and grandson of Arthur W. and Louise Schaeffler Ebel. The truckload of items donated to Hillsboro Museums belonged to members of the Schaeffler family. Among the more than 35 items donated were a brass bed that had been in the house, a silverplate tea service, silver flatware with the Schaeffler “S” monogram, several pieces of china that match the Schaefflers’ c. 1910 Johnson Bros. transferware china in the house, six oil paintings by a family member, a colorized photo of 1-year-old Louise Schaeffler, an anniversary clock that once stood on the fireplace mantel in the second parlor, and other items. Later, the Ebels walked through the house with Harder and explained where many of the items had orginally been and how the house had been arranged. Ebel’s father, Robert Ebel, had been born in the house, which was donated to the city in 1981. “This is an important donation,” Harder said. “It is especially meaningful because these objects were actually owned by members of the Schaeffler family. We really appreciate the support of Keith and Susan Ebel.”

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