Random thoughts from a wannabe ML baseball commissioner

It’s time for me to share my two cents’ worth while wondering why the Kansas City Chiefs defensive backs stay away from wide receivers as though they’re carrying an infectious disease.

— The man most responsible for turning around Tabor’s football program, Tim McCarty, made a great move by hiring Mike Gardner as his defensive coordinator.

Gardner, Tabor’s current head coach, made an equally astute decision by bringing Dustin Miller in as Tabor’s offensive coordinator. In more than 35 years of playing football, Tabor never scored as much as 60 points in a game. This year they’ve already scored 60 or more points twice.

Tabor has gone entire seasons without scoring more than 150 points, and this year they had more than that in the first three games.

I don’t know what their record will ultimately be, but the Bluejays are entertaining to watch. Even if you are just a casual fan, this would be a good time to catch a game.

— Other than the scoreboard, which is on its last leg, a small press box, a lack of dressing room space, and inadequate bleachers on the home side of the field, Tabor’s Reimer Field is in fairly good shape.

— But seriously, it’s too bad that Reimer Field is in its current state. Tabor has shown you can have a winning program in spite of below-average facilities, but it can’t help recruiting. And recruiting is a big enough challenge under the best of circumstances.

— I like natural grass as a playing surface for football, but if Hillsboro ever gets a wet weekend when the high school and college teams play back-to-back home games, kiss the grass field good-bye.

— Speaking of recruiting, how amazing is it to see a roster of more than 100 football players at Tabor? If my math is correct, and I only got a C in college math, that’s more than 20 percent of the student body on Tabor’s campus.

— Pat Forde writes on ESPN.com that when Oklahoma dropped out of the Top 25 in September, it was the first time since 1969 that OU and Nebraska were both unranked. The last time both the Sooners and Cornhuskers finished the season unranked was 1961.

— Forde also pointed out how unusual it was for Vanderbilt, Indiana, Baylor and Kansas to start the season with 3-0 records. The Commodores, Hoosiers, Bears and Jayhawks have never, since the birth of the game, all been 3-0 at the same time.

— I don’t know what is more amazing-that the Atlanta Braves have won 14 consecutive division titles, or that they won only one World Series during that time.

— When I’m named commissioner of Major League Baseball, I will reduce the number of regular-season games from 162 to 154 so the season ends a week earlier. That will make it more feasible to make all post-season series a best-of-seven game format.

— When I’m in charge of high school and college football, I will reduce the length of games by not stopping the clock to move the chains for first downs except for the last three minutes of each half in high school, and the last five minutes of each half in college.

— I wish I had a dollar for every false start/illegal procedure penalty in high school, college and pro. That’s one penalty that seems to occur regularly no matter what level.

— I’ll confess I got a chuckle out of this one even though I played college soccer. Millions of people play soccer because that way they don’t have to watch it on television.

— It was Johnny Carson who said, “If God didn’t want man to hunt, he wouldn’t have given us plaid shirts.”

— In case you weren’t paying attention, pro hockey is back. I read that hockey players have complained for years about violence. It’s just that without their teeth, no one can understand them.

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