We were handed an envelope with a photocopy of a newspaper account of the new Hillsboro swimming pool that was completed in the summer of 1955. I don’t know if the person who provided the information was trying to imply anything, but we found the account to be interesting.

The price tag was $60,000 for the new pool 50 years ago. That was the year we moved to Kansas with my parents. I thought it was one of the best things that had ever happened to me. My brother and I lived at the pool in the summer.

Sometime during the past 50 years, the high diving board was removed. I wouldn’t have had near as much fun if it weren’t for that high board. Snaps, cannonballs, front and back flips and full and half gainers were the order of the day.

While we were learning those dives, we often wore sweatshirts so that it wouldn’t sting so bad when the dives flopped.

If you want to have a little fun with the tellers at your bank you might ask them whose pictures are on the new nickels or other coins or bills. Shouldn’t banking be fun?

I was shocked to learn that the University of Kansas recently paid $90,000 to some firm from out of state to design a new logo for KU. Actually the new design is just the letters “KU” that are a little fancier than the ones they had before. A smaller school from out east had paid only $20,000 to have their letters designed for its logo, which had a similar look to KU’s.

If they had come to us, we would have charged less than $500. And the institutions of higher learning say they don’t have enough money these days. Go figure.

Watching RFD TV on our satellite system is very interesting to me. Many times they have segments on how to train horses. I guess I like to watch horses because I always wanted one but never had one.

With the high price of fuel maybe we should be thinking of more unconventional ways of moving products around the country.

For example, couldn’t anything that is small and packaged air tight and water proof be shipped with liquids in pipelines?

We started acquiring our new aquatic center this past Saturday in Hillsboro. If I remember right, about 80 percent voted for the sales tax to make this happen for our children and grandchildren. The half-cent increase took effect Oct. 1. Now, more than ever, it’s time to back up those “yes” votes and shop where it will do the most good.

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