New disinfection levels may bring Marion water into compliance

Marty Fredrickson, Marion street superintendent, outlined for the Marion City Commission Monday improved disinfection by-product levels in the city water supply that might bring averages down to state-accepted levels within the year. But, he said, in the meantime the city will be listed as out of compliance.

He said it also will have to proceed with a Kansas Department of Health and Environment consent order the city agreed to, to rectify problems under Environmental Protection Agency regulations that define it as potentially dangerous to human health.

Fredrickson said KDHE does take note of Marion’s $1.69 million water-plant upgrade adding ozone treatment, and of its tentative approval by Rural Development for a $1.129 million loan and $500,000 grant for water-plant upgrade.

In consideration of this, KDHE’s proposed order says the city will submit an engineering report outlining options for compliance by Dec. 1, submit water plant improvement plans by April, advertise for improvement bids by June, award contracts by August, and be completed with plant modifications by April 2007.

The city approved a new housing incentive grant application that allows $1,000 at closing to any new homeowner on up to 20 homes. The commissioners noted that this helps new homeowners but does not help builders of “spec homes.”

The commissioners approved a plat for a new Rocky Meadow Addition of homes planned by Mike Regnier south of the cemetery.

The commissioners approved donating the old “Chingawassa car” to a historical preservation group from Cloud County.

The commissioners received nominations of members for a pre-screening interview committee for an economic development director.

The nominees from the Chamber of Commerce were Margo Yates, Kevein Fruechting and Don Noller.

The Marion Investment Group nominated Greg Carlson, Sally Hannaford and Mike Regnier.

The Marion Economic Development Advisory Board nominated Eloise Mueller, Jim Hefley and Andy Hanson.

City Administrator David Mayfield said he needed a smaller group than the total of the nominees for the committee to work.

The commissioners noted that all were good nominees, but they didn’t want duplication of similar vocations on the board.

The final selection was Mike Regnier, Jim Hefley, Greg Carlson and Margo Yates plus Mayor Martin Tice representing the Commission.

The commissioners approved a resolution supporting the county strategic plan, and requesting the Kansas Secretary of Commerce and Housing to reapprove Marion County as a Kansas enterprise zone designated non-metropolitan business.

They approved the August investment and collateral report and the August financial statement.

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