How many times have you done something, shall we say, that’s just plain stupid? I did that this past Friday and now I will be paying the price for it for a while.

We needed a refrigerator for the office in Hesston, so we ran a classified ad there and found a really nice one for $35. It didn’t come with free delivery, so I thought we could go get it in the pickup and then use the two-wheel dolly to bring it inside.

As we were sliding the fridge off the back of the truck, the fridge slipped. I tried to catch it and ended up sitting on my backside on the sidewalk. Ouch!

Why didn’t I just let it drop, or why didn’t I just pay someone $20 to get it? Now I’m walking around like an old man. (Maybe I am an old man).

The big cottonwood tree at the post office finally gave up the ghost as recorded in the Free Press last week.

Luckily, no one was walking under it when the huge limb fell. Even luckier, my wife had walked under it probably less than an hour before it crashed.

Word is that the cotton from the old tree won’t be plugging up any air conditioners downtown anymore. It sure was a neat old tree, though.

I wonder if the post office owns a chain saw.

The state of Kansas officially has a new quarter with a buffalo and wheat on it. Personally, I like the new nickels better with the tightly cropped bust of Thomas Jefferson, but wouldn’t trade a nickel for a quarter.

Collecting coins never excited me because I like paper money better.

I’ve felt much more free, now that I just toss bread into the toaster without paying any attention to whether it is right-side-up or any which way.

When you say you are going to turn up the air conditioner, does that mean you want the room to be cooler or warmer? Does something burn up or burn down in a fire?

I was noticing at the first football game at Tabor’s Reimer Field there were more visitor fans sitting in the old bleachers situated to the north than the new ones to the south. I’m wondering if it had more to do with familiarity, or they just didn’t want to walk any farther.

Wasn’t sure if two Chiefs tickets for our Free Press football picks prize would be a sought-after prize, but after yesterday it looks like tickets may be hard to come by the rest of the way.

With an entry box in our Marion office located in the Great Plains Computing building, we should have had a contest between Marion and Hillsboro entrants to add to the fun.

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