Deadline to submit DCP documents is Sept. 30

Producers participating in the Direct & Counter-cyclical Program (DCP) are reminded that the deadline to submit payment eligibility documents is Sept. 30.

Those documents include such as forms CCC-509, DCP contract, CCC-502, Farm Operating Plan, CCC-526, Payment Eligibility Average Adjusted Gross Income Certification, and AD-1026, Highly Erodible Land & Wetland Conservation Certification.

The forms must be on file and are necessary for every program producer to earn DCP payments.

Most producers have earlier in the year completed and submitted these forms. But if any changes have been made to their operations, producers may need to refile.

Also, under the rules of the DCP, producers can choose forgo participating in the program for any year they may choose, in which case the form submissions would not be required.

For those who might find it difficult to visit the county office to certify or sign these eligibility documents because of work schedules distance or health reasons, a power-of-attorney or fax authorization can be requested and processed that can help expedite any U.S. Department of Agricuture business matter.

The DCP is a financial safety-net program for America’s farmers that authorizes direct and counter-cyclical payments to enrolled producers.

Both payments are computed using the base acres and payment yields established for each farm.

Producers receive direct payments at rates established by statute, regardless of market prices.

Counter-cyclical payment rates, on the other hand, vary depending on market prices. Counter-cyclical payments are issued only when the effective price-which takes into account the direct payment rate, market price, and CCC loan rate-for a crop is below the target price for the commodity.

Bill Harmon is executive director of the Marion County Farm Service Agency office in Marion.

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