Reservoir receives funding

Managers of Marion Reservoir received word last week that the lake will receive $1.551 million through the Energy and Water Appropriations Bill that recently passed the U.S. Senate.

“This is considered our typical annual appropriation,” said Terry Holt, park ranger with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, said. “Most of this money covers day-to-day operations, including typical maintenance and operations money for the project.”

Holt said the money will fund wages, contracts and “normal discretionary expenditures to repair things.”

The amount is typical of the annual allocation for Marion Reservoir-but good news nonetheless.

“When we do physical changes, most of the vendors we use are in the area-like lumber companies, hardware stores and plumbing and electrical contractors,” Holt said.

“This also includes wages as well as the law enforcement contract with the sheriff’s department that runs from May through September.”

Holt said the money also funds such items as mowing and trash cleanup as well as janitorial maintenance.

“We’re always trying to make improvements,” Holt said. “If you like the way the reservoir is running now, this money assures another year of similar services.”

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