In a perfect world, towns wouldn’t need sewer systems. The daily by-products of human civilization would smell like daisies, taste like cotton candy and build strong bones and teeth.

But the world is far from perfect. As a result, we find ourselves having to find the most tolerable methods possible for dealing with some pretty vile evidence of our imperfect humanity. Hence sewer systems. Not a pleasant topic under any circumstance. Calling them “wastewater systems” doesn’t help much either.

The city of Hillsboro, having been prodded by government to upgrade the mechanical plant it has operated for years, has opted to build a new lagoon system instead. It’s much more economical to operate in the long haul because a lagoon system harnesses natural processes to deal with…those other natural processes.

Through the years, the experts have nearly perfected the system so that the unpleasant odors so long associated with sewage are all but eliminated. Even so, nobody wants a lagoon system in their backyard. “Nearly perfected” isn’t all that reassuring to those who have to live near it.

The observable evidence indicates the likelihood of a relatively pleasant coexistence. We awkwardly but sincerely express our hope it turns out that way for those who will be living and working closest to the project. -DR

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