There are times I am to make my own lunch because Nancy is at the store by herself and won’t be here to tell me what to do. She says that if she doesn’t cut things up or spell it out, I only take what I can see easily and skip the rest.

Today she told me that everything I needed was on the same shelf right up front in the refrigerator, so I couldn’t miss anything. She also said that if she doesn’t cut things up for me, I don’t seem to know what to do. Food just looks so much more inviting when it is cut up and ready to eat.

When I wrote about seeing a Humphrey Bogart movie for the first time last week, I received an e-mail that I should be sure to see “Casablanca,” too, and that if I couldn’t find a copy I could borrow it.

Quick Flick had it, so we went and got it along with two others for the weekend. I didn’t pick the other two, so I was to say which one I wanted to see on Sunday. Since I’m not that up on movies, I went to the Internet and made my choice based on the previews I saw.

We still don’t know how to hook up our speakers so we can look at movies with the sound coming out of the stereo. I took one look back there and decided with all of those wires it would be best to have son Dan hook it up next time he’s in town.

Looks like the weather this week is just what the farmers ordered. Since this is their time to shine, how about the rest of us get out of their way as they head to the elevator.

Since Father’s Day just passed, I got to thinking about how fast the time went by when our children were growing up. It seems like a distant blur to me now, and I’m thinking I could have done a better job during that time. But you don’t get a do over. It’s a one-shot deal.

Now that they are grown and gone, at least I am still their dad. It’s great when they call to tell us what they are up to these days, and even neater when they ask for my advice.

As we age we get more concerned about doing the right thing for our health. We buy books and read all of the articles about what you should do and shouldn’t do. But if you did everything you are supposed to do, there wouldn’t be enough money or hours in the day to follow the wisdom that’s out there.

I recently had my cholesterol checked now that I am taking statin drugs to lower it. After six months, it’s now half of what it used to be. When I heard the good report, my first thought was to have a doughnut.

If I said the Free Press moved, it would be misleading-but also true.

We just moved everything around within our building to reallocate the space. So far it’s been a good thing.

News moved to the north half, advertising moved to the south half and our mailing operation, which was extremely crowded, took the space previously occupied by production.

We moved computers and phones all over the place and, surprisingly, everything still works.

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