We’re happy to have a Kansas University summer intern with us at the Free Press for a few weeks and at the Hesston Record for a few more. It’s neat to have Katie Lohrenz here; she’ll be a senior next year.

Katie has been involved at the school of journalism with the multimedia news room that links broadcast, Web and print. She is heavy into the Internet and computer side of things and wishes to experience a little bit more of the community journalism side.

It would be safe to say that we are picking each other’s brains-although the pickings on mine are slimmer.

These situations often have a local connection. In this case, Katie’s mother is Lori (Unruh) Lohrenz of Wichita, with whom I used to work at the paper down the street back in the ’70s.

I wasn’t able to attend the state track meet last weekend in Wichita, but we have the next best thing on our Free Press Web site. Clicking on the dotPhoto icon will take you to a page that displays all of the albums that contain the Free Press photos that have appeared in our newspaper, plus ones that didn’t make it into print.

I viewed the slide show for the state track meet and was treated to 60 photos depicting our kids and coaches in action. We also have albums for photos of participants from area schools as well.

We have made prints of those photos available for purchase at reasonable prices-which many parents have already discovered. Each week’s newspaper photos are also available, those published and unpublished.

The photos are on the site for 90 days.

I’ve always liked player pianos and there is one in captivity right here in Hillsboro at Molly’s on Main antique store.

If your kids or grandkids have never seen one, now would be the time to take a look.

With all of the construction going on at our kids’ house in Atlanta, it was bound to happen. Louie stepped on a board with a nail poking out of it. He recently had a tetanus shot, so he was covered.

I’ll bet there aren’t many people who have never stepped on a protruding nail.

Since the exercise regimen is important for folks who have had a cardiac event, I have started lately to take it a bit more seriously, I like walking at the Tabor College track because it is level and softer than concrete.

I’m not the only one to use the track, though. On Monday morning, 10 people and a dog were out there, too.

The Sunday Wichita Eagle carried an article about a new Internet telephone service that will take the place of the traditional long distance provided by myriad phone companies. It is called Skype, and it’s free.

You can call anywhere in the world for no charge if the other party is signed on and has a broadband connection.

I wish the speed limit was the same as the temperature outside-but just during the summer.

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