EDITORIAL: Behind the scenes

We honor and celebrate the volunteers in our Marion County communities who come to our aid at the most critical times of our lives through their work with Emergency Medical Services. We often take for granted that well-trained, professional medical technicians will show up at our door in times of critical health crises. And yet these people sacrifice considerable time and personal freedom to be there for us. For your gift of service, we thank you.

The adage that behind every successful man there’s a good woman still carries the ring of truth in the sense that no one, male or female, can be truly successful over the long term without the ongoing love and support of those closest to them.

In that regard, we also salute the family members of our EMS volunteers. They, too, sacrifice a lot so that our communities can be served-time without their loved one at home, plans and projects interrupted at a moment’s notice, an understanding that the needs of strangers sometimes must take precedence over theirs.

Sacrifice is the lifeblood of successful small-town life. Our EMS teams and their families do it for little compensation and without much public fanfare. We want you to know that we are aware of your gift to us, and that we appreciate it. -DR

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