EDITORIALS: From the murky mass

Thoughts that run through the head while waiting for profound insights to emerge from the murky mass called daily life….

— Maybe nowhere has the emergence of new technology surpassed our ability to put it to good use than in the television weather-watching game. Sunday was another sparking example. The race by TV weatherfolk to ring all the bells and blow all the whistles that come with the latest Super Dooper Dopler Flopler Radar System is almost comical to watch. And not all that enlightening.

— Speaking of our friends in local television, do you ever wonder if they breathe a quiet prayer of thanksgiving for the likes of BTK? Not suggesting they are grateful for the evil caused by a serial killer, but sometimes they appear almost giddy at the opportunity to hype, sensationalize and over-report a story-just like the bigshots in network television do. Are these techniques actually taught in TV-journalism schools?

— Love the job Bush is doing in the White House these days. Laura Bush, that is. Engaging, witty, cogent. Lead on.

— A couple of hours walking around the Kansas Sampler Festival this weekend left a lasting impression: almost every town, county and region of the state has a boatload of history and festivals to promote. The competition is fierce. What does it take to win the hearts and pocketbooks of tourists?

— With that season approaching, does anyone remember anything a keynote speaker said at a commencement? Just curious. -DR

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