EDITORIAL: We remember teachers

You’ll always find someone who has nothing good to say about school or the teachers they encountered in the classroom. But those folks, we bet, are few and far between. Many more of us remember with gratitude a teacher-maybe several-who made a significant impact on our lives.

For most of us, our realm of experience is rooted in memories that drift ever farther from the present day. But it’s our observation that the classroom teachers who currently mold the futures of our children, with few exceptions, are every bit as good as the best examples from our past. In many ways their skills and preparation are even better because the demands of teaching in today’s fast-paced world are greater.

Even if the time you’ve been out of school far exceeds the time you were in one, don’t miss the opportunity to express appreciation to a teacher or two in your district this week. In a real sense, they continue to shape our future. -DR

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