If reading about our trips to Atlanta and the grandkids is not your thing, you might want to move on to another part of the newspaper.

We just flew back in last night and man are my arms tired.

This trip was the first time I followed my cardiologist’s prescription for a mini-vacation every three months.

In addition to the obvious reasons for going to Atlanta were Louie’s fifth birthday last week and the Inman Park Spring Festival, since the Camelis now live in Inman Park.

The boys both play soccer, so we got to see them practice and also play their Saturday morning games. Louie is into super heroes, and since he is quite fast on his feet, he now calls himself “Cheetah Boy.”

Since Alex, the 7-year-old, is into science, he became quite perturbed when he wasn’t awakened early enough to watch “Nova” one morning before school. So after school that day we went shopping for an alarm clock so he could get up on his own.

Next morning at 6:45 the alarm goes off and both boys are up at the crack of dawn to watch “Nova.” They were both wired and elated at getting up on their own. Wonder how long before the novelty wears off. The first rule was that the alarm is not used on the weekend.

Son-in-law George has become quite the house remodeler over the past year-which is exactly how long they have been working at renovating the house, and it is looking terrific.

The prices in their neighborhood have gone crazy and finding a house in the right spot with the right things wrong with it looks like a home run for the Cameli family.

My job this time was to help set in and plumb the original family claw-foot cast-iron bathtub from Omaha, which the 10 Cameli children grew up with. It is now newly reglazed and tricked out with shiny chrome fittings and surround shower curtain.

All of the Cameli siblings are now waiting to get in line to use the old tub again. I must say it is quite grand.

One morning, when the boys were in school and their parents were at work, Nancy and I took one of their vehicles and went downtown to the Atlanta Market to look for jewelry for Nancy’s store.

Afterward, we headed home for what should have been a 10-minute ride. It ended up being an hour because none of the streets are straight.

When we saw goats grazing inside a fence, it was obvious we had taken a few wrong turns. Got to see Turner Field and Hank Aaron Drive, which I hadn’t seen before.

On Sunday morning I made pancakes as I usually do on our last day, and then sat down to eat mine.

As I spread on the butter before dousing them with syrup, Alex says, “Just how much butter does a guy need on his pancakes?”

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