Isaacs offer the ‘ultimate spring cleaning’

Few things compare to the feeling a good spring cleaning gives, whether it’s inside your vehicle, your business or your own home.

Stuart and Lea Isaac of Durham are making that easier to accomplish through Clean Supreme, the professional cleaning business they’ve launched.

An independent contractor, the Isaacs purchased the business from the Hillsboro Carpet Center nearly four years ago.

“This is our full-time business,” Stuart Isaac said. “We used to farm as well as work at the local farm cooperative, but about six years ago we quit all other jobs and went to full-time house-cleaning and janitorial work.”

Isaac said after the first two years, it became evident the opportunity was there for a professional carpet and floor cleaning business.

“We were doing our janitorial cleaning and people would say, ‘We’ll get somebody in here to clean the carpets,’ or, ‘We’ll have it the way we want it after the floors are cleaned,'” he said. “It complemented what we were already doing and so we branched into this.

“It’s slowly but surely expanding and increasing the carpet and tile floor care, both in job size that people are committing to as well as the number of calls,” he added. “We basically tailor our services to fit people’s needs and this has worked out really well.”

Isaac said the business is considered independent and is family owned and operated.

In order to clean carpets and floors professionally, Isaac pursued numerous training regimens to gain knowledge of the most modern methods.

“I trained with the Hillsboro Carpet Center when we purchased the business,” Isaac said. “Then, in cooperation with several company representatives, I’ve done a lot of on-site training as well as in-site training at their facilities.”

Whether it’s residential or commercial cleaning, Isaac said customer satisfaction is a priority for them.

“We don’t have a written guarantee, but it’s unofficial,” he said. “I tell people that when their carpet dries and they vacuum, if something doesn’t look right we’ll come back and check it out and do whatever it takes to make it right.”

In February, Isaac’s job was made easier and more efficient with the purchase of a new higher-capacity cleaning machine, a Power Clean Industries Genesis NXT.

“How long a carpet is wet is a big concern of most of my customers, so this new machine has some of the highest capacity air flow you can buy,” Isaac said. “It has 850-cubic-feet-per-minute air flow coming through the wand whereas my old unit was just 275. So that’s a big difference.

“The more air flow you have for suction, the faster the dry time-and I was very conscious of that fact when I purchased this unit,” he added. “This machine has a 49-horse fuel-injected (engine) on it and is capable of running two wands and has a heat exchange on it to run water temperatures from room temperature to 250 degrees.”

Isaac said sheer capacity separates his machine from rental units available in the area.

“You just compare the 49-horse engine to a little old electric machine and there’s a lot of difference,” he said. “Plus, some of the machines do heat the water, but ours has hotter water, higher vacuum and higher pressure and a lot larger variety of cleaning agents to go along with it.”

Although carpet cleaning and floor care is the main focus of the business, Isaac said he hopes people realize their services aren’t limited to those things.

“We’ll basically clean anything,” he said. “We’ll do everything from the windows to the walls to bathrooms and kitchen cupboards.

“We’ll go through the place and either vacuum the floors or steam-clean them and strip and wax the linoleum,” he added. “We’ll do everything that’s needed.”

Clean Supreme offers free estimates for services rendered, either over the phone or on-site at the customer’s location.

“We’ll give people a ball-park figure on prices over the phone if they’ve measured their place, but it’s just as nice to stop by and let them know exactly-and also let us know what we’re getting in to,” Isaac said. “We’ll bid on almost any job size.”

Isaac said the only exception to that rule may be emergencies.

“At this time, I have some equipment and training for water restoration on a smaller scale,” he said. “But if there was 3 inches of water in the basement of a whole church, I probably wouldn’t have the equipment to handle that type of thing.”

Although primarily a family operated business, Isaac said he won’t hesitate to call in additional help if needed.

“We have people we’ll call in-friends and part-time employees-to assist us,” he said. “We sometimes get help on bigger jobs or when a time frame requires that we get in and out real quick.”

Isaac is often asked how often a residential carpet should be cleaned. The answer varies as much as the Kansas weather, he said.

“The theory is that when you clean your carpet, it’s hard on it,” Isaac said. ” But I would say the dirt in your carpet, as it’s ground into the carpet fibers from walking on it, shortens the life of your carpet.

“Keeping it clean will lengthen the life of your carpet.”

Isaac said knowing how to read a carpet-and the signs it gives as to when a thorough cleaning is needed-is often found in high-traffic areas.

“Usually, when those spots show signs that a cleaning is needed, it’s a good idea to clean the whole carpet,” he said.”A lot of times with a little spotting care in between, you can lengthen the time in between cleanings.

“It depends if you have children or pets as opposed to an older couple that never eats or drinks on the carpet-the time you need to wait to clean varies.”

Another variable, according to Isaac, is what surrounds the carpeted area.

“If you have linoleum or an entry next to the carpet where you kick your shoes off, it makes all the difference in the world,” he said.

Isaac said residential customers are encouraged to prepare the area to be cleaned before his arrival.

“We like to have customers pick up small things and place them on areas we’re not cleaning,” he said. “We can also work out something if we have to move the furniture.”

After the carpet is cleaned, Isaac said each piece of furniture is placed on a styrofoam block to “allow air movement underneath as well as keep any risk of bleeding like off metal legs or finished furniture.”

Blocks may be removed within about 24 hours.

“We also strip off old wax and put new on, but that’s mostly in area businesses,” he said. “They have what is called VCT (Vinyl Composition Tile).”

Many commercial business clients are on a regular cleaning schedule.

“What we’re hoping to have the phone ring for now would be carpet and tile floor and one-time cleanings in homes or real estate rentals,” Isaac said. “We can go in and clean from floor to ceiling.”

Rates are determined by the hour for janitorial work and by the square foot for carpet cleaning and tile-floor care.

Another service available from Clean Supreme is the application of the stain resistor Scotchgard.

“At the time of cleaning is an excellent time to reapply,” Isaac said. “I compare it to waxing your car-maybe it won’t take any more dirt off, but it’s easier to clean it because it beads water off your car and it does a similar thing to your carpet.”

Generally, Isaac said, Clean Supreme will reach a customer’s site within 10 days to two weeks after contacted.

“In an emergency, we’ll come quicker,” he said. “We work evenings if we can’t schedule soon enough, or even weekends.”

With the motto “Worth coming home to,” Isaac said the satisfaction he receives rivals his client’s.

“It’s rewarding because I can see the difference as I’m working,” he said. “When I’m half done with a room, the difference between the before and after is unmistakable in almost every instance.

“It’s rewarding when the customer is pleased and most of the time they’ll say they wish they would have done it sooner,” he added. “People just feel better about their home when it’s clean -and this is the ultimate spring cleaning.”

Other services offered by Clean Supreme include cleaning upholstery of chairs and couches as well as interior vehicle cleanings.

With business increasing, Isaac said he’s happy with the local response to Clean Supreme.

“I’m appreciative of the local community,” he said. “If people want to keep business local, there aren’t a lot of other carpet services.

“Hillsboro and Marion County have a push to keep the business local and we’d sure appreciate the opportunity to work with them.”

Clean Supreme can be reached by phone at either 620-732-2131 or 620-382-7594.

“We’re offering a service to the community and I believe it’s a valuable service,” he added. “I hope people will give us a chance to work with them and make their own decision on the job we do.”

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