Sales tax, marriage amendment pass by comfortable margins

Hillsboroans voted by a significant majority Tuesday to increase the local sales tax by one-half cent in order to build a family aquatics center for the community.

Of those voters who indicated their preference on the issue, just over 71 percent (648) said “yes” to raising the local sales tax rate and 29 percent (263) said “no.”

“Of course, I am thrilled that people in Hillsboro are fore-thinking enough to know what a great asset a new family aquatic center will be for the city and what it will do for the future as far as the quality of life in Hillsboro,” Mayor Delores Dalke said Wednesday.

Dalke said the margin of the election didn’t surprise, but it did please her.

“It’s what I was hoping for because that gives a certain mandate that it needs to be done,” she said. “I’m very pleased because I think for the city of Hillsboro it was important.”

The increase, which will raise the local sales tax from 6.8 percent to 7.3 percent, will not take effect until Oct. 1.

The next step in the project is for the council to pass an ordinance authorizing the increase, and then begin the engineering process for the facility, which is projected to cost around $2.5 million.

The aquatics center is projected to be completed in time for the 2006 swimming season.

“The good thing about knowing that it has passed is that it will even help us in making plans for our pool for this year, as far as the management of it,” she said. “Now we know where we’re heading.”

In the other item of major interest, Hillsboro voters followed the trend across the county and the state in voting in favor of the so-called “Gay Marriage Amendment” that limits marriage to a civil contract to be “constituted by one man and one woman only.”

About 85 percent (781) of Hillsboroans who indicated a preference voted in favor of the amendment and 15 percent (136) voted against it.

Across Marion County, about 82 percent voted for the amendment and across Kansas, about 70 percent voted for it.

Otherwise, there were no surprises in the local races for mayor, city council and school board. Only one candidate had filed for each position.

As a result, Dalke was reelected mayor, Len Coryea was reelected to represent the West Ward on the city council, Matt Hiebert was reelected to present the East Ward on the city council, Brent Barkman and Eddie Weber were reelected to the USD 410 Board of Education and Gary Andrews was elected for his first term.

City elections

Burns mayor

*Mary A. Glenn 37

*Write-ins 23

Burns City Council (5 elected)

*Fritzie Hatfield 42

*Mark L. Brunhoeber 42

*Mark L. Steward 41

*Judith A. Steward 35

*Elmer L. Welch 33

*Write-in 23

Durham mayor

*Glennon Crowther 31

*Write in  1

Durham City Council (5 elected)

*Gary Unruh 31

*Verlin L. Sommerfeld 28

*Michael Sorensen 28

*Steven B. Miller 27

*Anna Mae Goertz 25

*Write-ins  6

Florence mayor

*Susan E. Klassen 111

*Write-ins  75

Florence Council, Ward 1

*Randy V. Mills 75

*Write-ins  8

Florence Council, Ward 2

*Bryan L. Harper 80

*Write-ins  8

Goessel mayor

*Peggy Jay 162

*Write-ins  10

Goessel Council (2 elected)

*Larry C. Lindeman 126

*(Larry D. Schmidt 103

*Joel J. Ratzlaff  70

Hillsboro mayor

*Delores Dalke 767

*Write-ins  57

Hillsboro City Council, Ward 1

*Leonard Coryea 366

*Write-ins 12

Hillsboro City Council, Ward 2

*Matt Hiebert 432

*Write-ins  10

Lincolnville mayor

*David L. Schroeder 41

*Victor D. Burns 21

*Write-ins  2

Lincolnville City Council (2 elected)

*Sylvia M. Bailey 49

*Greg A. Hubbard 39

*V. Gail Burns 24

*Write-ins  2

Marion Finance Commissioner

*Larry W. McLain 432

*Write-ins   2

Peabody mayor

*Tom Schmidt 253

*Write-ins   6

Peabody Council (2 elected)

*Edmond N. Slocombe 232

*Tim Peterson 151

*Jon Gard 88

*Write-ins  0

Ramona mayor

*Pat Wick 23

*Edith “Connie” Smith 13

Ramona City Council (5 elected)

*Jeannette “Jeannie” L. Weber 23

*Jayme Linn Brunner 22

*Arthur E. Stroda 20

*Kathy A. Wertz 22

*Lola “Angel” Harold 18

*Reign Anduss 17

*Nathan A. Bailey 17

*Robert W. Brady 16

*Judith A. Gratz  6

*Write-ins  2

Tampa City Council (3 elected)

*Paul H. Backhus 34

*Wilbert E. Backus 32

*Write-ins 19

School boards

USD 397, Position 5

*Brent G. Methvin 70

*Kathy Beneke-Bloom 43

*Write-ins  2

USD 397, Position 4

*Jennifer M. Kassebaum 77

USD 397, Position 6

*Julie Klenda 57

*Write-ins  1

USD 398, Position 4

*Duke Eldridge 411

*Write-ins  14

USD 398, Position 5

*Doe Ann Hague 397

*Write-ins  16

USD 398, Position 6

*Rhonda D. Loucks 410

*Write-in  12

USD 408, Position 4

*Keith Collett 876

*Write-in  21

USD 408, Position 5

*Jan Helmer 915

*Write-ins   9

USD 408, Position 6

*Lyle K. Leppke 897

*Write-ins  10

USD 410, Position 4

*Brent Barkman 289

*Write-in   8

USD 410, Position 5

*Gary L. Andrews 324

*Write-in  8

USD 410, Position 6

*Eddie Weber 166

*Write-ins   4

USD 411, Position 4

*Lynette Duerksen 485

*Write-ins   5

USD 411, Position 5

*DeWayne Voth 471

*Anton Epp  33

*Write-ins   5

USD 411, Position 6

*Lynell Unrau 469

*Write-ins   3

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