My sister and niece from Minneapolis, Minn., were in town for a few days last week. It’s amazing what kids can learn in just a few short years. Niece Gloria cooked Tortillas Español for lunch one day, which was fantastic. The next thing I hear, she’s down at Little Pleasures jamming with her guitar and singing with the regulars.

We also looked at old slides at Mom’s apartment at Parkside Homes one night. Old meaning from as far back as the fifties.

The old Kodak slide projector doesn’t work quite as smoothly as the iPhoto of today, but still gets the job done. If I had all the time in the world I would be scanning the slides to digital. Maybe sometime when I’m older.

A few of us at the Free Press went up to Des Moines, Iowa, for the Midwest Free Community Paper conference this past Friday and Saturday. It’s always a benefit to learn new things and rub shoulders with others in the same business. Not saying who, but one of our staffers won some cash and had her picture taken with Miss Iowa, who was attending another conference in the same hotel.

Observing all of the traffic on the interstates this weekend, one would never think there was an energy crisis going on in this country. Gas is about as high as it has ever been and I got to thinking-it even costs record amounts to haul the gas to the gas stations.

Think the public would put up with going back to 55 mph speed limits? It’s like everything else. Make it 55 everywhere but here.

Now that the sales tax question in Hillsboro passed with more than seven out of 10 voters marking down yes, we encourage our citizens to vote for our local businesses with their pocket books to “put their money where their mouth is” to share in making the pool a reality.

Since Nancy had apparel market in Kansas City over the weekend, I had my crew drop me off in Kansas City on their way home from Des Moines.

I had never used wireless Internet that so many hotels promote as one of their amenities. With a little fiddling and help I was able to get connected. Wasn’t impressed with the speed, though.

I had planned to work on a few books our company is producing while I was at the apparel market-as I really have no other use while there other than to be a gopher.

The women at the Kansas City Market registration desk were kind enough to let me set up shop behind the counter along side them and plug in my Powerbook because I had already drained my battery. People kept coming up and asking for tickets and I couldn’t figure out why. When I went around to look there was a sign that said, “Tickets Here.”

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