State marriage amendment, Hillsboro sales tax initiative to spice April 5 vote

Even with few contested elections, next Tuesday’s general election may attract unusually high participation from registered voters.

On the ballot in every ward is the so-called “Marriage Amendment,” which would incorporate into the state constitution a definition of marriage as “a civil contract between one man and one woman only and the declaration that any other marriage is contrary to public policy and void.”

The state already has a statute to that effect, but proponents of the initiative say amending the constitution would prevent the legislature or judges from modifying that statute.

In addition to that item, voters in Hillsboro will have the opportunity to voice their opinion about raising the local sales tax rate by a half-cent in order to fund a proposed $2.5 million family aquatics center.

The increase would raise the sales tax in Hillsboro from 6.8 percent to 7.3 percent.

Voters in appropriate wards will have the opportunity to vote for school board members for positions 4, 5 and 6, and voters in city wards will vote on their elected representatives.

The polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., April 5. Check the gray sidebar on Page 2 to find the correct voting location as some changes have been made from previous tradition.

For example, all voters in Marion, as well Gale and Wilson townships will be combined into one voting location: Emmanuel Baptist Church in Marion.

Following is a list of the candidates who filed for city and school board positions by the Jan. 25 deadline.



(Mayor, five city council seats)

— Mayor: Mary A. Glenn.

— City council: Elmer L. Welch, Mark L. Steward, Judith S. Steward, Fritzie Hatfield, Mark L. Brunhoeber.


(Mayor, five city council seats)

— Mayor: Glennon Crowther.

— City council: Verlin L. Sommerfeld, Anna Mae Goertz, Steven B. Miller, Gary D. Unruh, Michael Sorensen.


(Mayor; city council: one seat from Ward 1, one seat from Ward 2)

–Mayor: Susan E. Klassen.–City council: Randy V. Mills (Ward 1); Bryan L. Harper (Ward 2).


(Mayor; two city council seats)

–Mayor: Peggy Jay.

–City council: Joel J. Ratzlaff, Larry C. Lindeman, Larry D. Schmidt.


(Mayor; city council: one from West Ward, one from East Ward)

–Mayor: Delores Dalke.

–City council: Leonard Coryea (West Ward), Matthew Hiebert (East Ward).


(Mayor; five city council seats)

–Mayor: None.

–City council: None.


(Mayor; two city council seats)

–Mayor: David L. Schneider, Victor D. Burns.

–City council: Sylvia M. Bailey, Greg A. Hubbard, V. Gail Burns.

Lost Springs

(Mayor; five city council seats)

–Mayor: None.

–City council: None.


(Finance commissioner)

–Finance commissioner: Larry W. McLain.


(Mayor, two city council seats)

–Mayor: Tom Schmidt.

–City council: Tim Peterson, Edmond N. Slocombe, Jon Gard.


(Mayor, five city council seats)

–Mayor: Edith “Connie” Smith, Pat Wick.

–Council: Reign Anduss, Lola “Angel” Howard, Robert W. Brady, Arthur E. Stroda, Jayme Linn Brunner, Jeanette “Jeannie” L. Weber; Judith A Gratz, Nathan A. Bailey, Kathy A. Werth.


(Two city council seats)

–City council: Paul H. Backhus, Wilbert E. Backhus.


USD 397 – Centre

–Pos. 4: Jennifer M. Kassebaum.

–Pos. 5: Brent G. Methvin, Kathy Beneke-Bloem.

–Pos. 6: Julie Klenda.

USD 398 – Peabody-Burns

–Pos. 4: Duke Eldridge.

–Pos. 5: Doe Ann Hague.

–Pos. 6: Rhonda D. Loucks.

USD 408 – Marion-Florence

–Pos. 4: Keith Collett.

–Pos. 5: Jan Helmer.

–Pos. 6: Lyle K. Leppke.

USD 410 – Hillsboro

–Pos. 4: Brent Barkman.

–Pos. 5: Gary L. Andrews.

–Pos. 6: Eddie Webber.

USD 411 – Goessel

–Pos. 4: Lynette Duerksen.

–Pos. 5: DeWayne Voth, Anton Epp.

–Pos. 6: Lyle Unrau.

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