A growth spurt of epic proportions occurred this past basketball season for one of our senior boys. The programs throughout the season showed that Daniel Deckert was 5-feet, 8-inches tall. In fact he was introduced many times in the pre-game as being 5-8.

Then the program for the final game of the season had him listed as 6-3, which means he must have grown about 7 inches from the beginning of the season until the end. Wouldn’t that have to be some kind of record? Or was it an inside joke?

The student cheering section has a tradition of wearing shirts with words on the back with special meaning to them-and no one else, it seems to me. One shirt I saw I thought was extremely clever.

The words printed on the back of the shirt are: Koop N’ Hagen. It was worn by Mitchell Koop, son of Murray and Coleen (Hagen) Koop.

A little boy in town whose mom is a teacher and whose dad is a coach saw his mom putting on eye shadow one day and then asked if that would make it so she could “see in the dark.”

I hope everyone takes the new swimming pool proposal seriously when it comes to a vote in April. No one likes to pay more in taxes, but can you imagine our city without a swimming pool?

When we moved to town in 1955 the current pool was brand new. I thought it was the greatest thing to be able to swim in clean water where one could see one’s toes at the bottom. I was used to swimming in a dirty lake where your feet would get pricked with bullhead stickers when you jumped in. I practically lived at the pool in the first years I was here.

Rumors going around town say it will cost $3 every time you go swimming. Not true. There will be single admission as well as season passes just we have now, although prices may be slightly higher. Get the facts, and then let’s make sure our kids and grandkids have a terrific place to swim for years to come. (See legal notice on page 25).

BTK has taken the big-city media by storm. I was amazed at how the information varied according to which channel was airing the news. The whole thing does make one wonder what one’s neighbor is up to, though.

Get ready for the annual Hillsboro High School all-school reunion set for Saturday, May 28, during the annual Family/Folk Festival. A full weekend is planned, including a block party on Friday night with a well-known area band. Also scheduled are a parade, festival run, classic car show, fly-in, Mennonite settlement museum activities and food plus the all-school reunion banquet on Saturday, a demolition derby on Sunday night and the American Legion Memorial Day service Monday.

March madness will be gripping me again. I guess it already has. We are expecting big things from our teams in Class 3A, NAIA and NCAA. They all have the letter A in them. Those “A’s” stand for action!

Found it hard to believe that Kansas native Eddie Sutton had never won in Lawrence while coaching at Oklahoma State University.

Suits me just fine.

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