Drama probes death-camp experience

The Tabor College Theatre Department will present “The Action Against Sol Schumann” March 3-5.

In the production, two sons of a Holocaust survivor-one a Jewish activist and idealist and one accused of leaving his Jewish past and “assimilating”-discover why their father survived the death camps.

“The play asks us to remember and look again at the Holocaust,” said Judy Harder, director. “It asks us to consider the actions and responses of those who experienced the Holocaust first hand and of those responding to the Holocaust 40 years later, including a Holocaust survivor’s sons.”

“The Action Against Sol Schumann” raises questions such as: Which matters most-our actions or our reasons for our actions? Do we ever completely know or understand the reasons for our or others’ choices? Could we, if faced with similar circumstances, behave like those we judge, even condemn?” Harder said.

The following cast of 10 will present 25 short scenes as characters, narrators and observers of the action: Bruce Anthony, associate professor of education; Sam Flaming, Weatherford, Okla.; Rachel Foote, Bethany, Okla.; John Gramza, Olathe; Krystal Kuntz, Abilene; Aaron Miller, Hillsboro; Rachel Pederson, Cimarron; Rebecca Pederson, Cimarron; Jonathan Regier, Hillsboro; and Michael Woods, Wichita.

The performances will be held in the Tabor College Theatre Lab at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $5 for the general public and $2 for students and are available in the Student Development Office, 947-3121 ext. 1033.

Seating is limited.

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