I think more people would write letters to the editor if they thought they were better at writing. If you are one of those, please don’t let it stop you.

One of the most interesting sections of the newspaper are the letters, in my opinion. The best ones are the ones that make a point and then quit.

Challenged by writing? Get a friend or relative who can write to help out. Write them short and to the point.

It was almost unbelievable that a company as large as Airbus did not think about the fact that most airports could not handle the size of a new jet they were going to build. How could something like that happen?

Atlanta had a big ice storm a few weeks back. Heard that almost-5-year-old Louie was outside helping, or so he thought, by knocking ice off of the family car with a shovel. It was the same car that had a tree fall on it during the hurricanes so this was just a minor thing.

To stand or not to stand at ball games. That is the question.

Students everywhere do it so that makes it OK, I suppose. It shows spirit. It shows that the kids are behind the team.

Actually it shows that they are in front of the fans who can’t see.

OK, if it’s high school, just get up and move where you can see. If it’s at the KU/K-State game, where your ticket dictates where you sit, you are forced to stand if you want to see.

I was told to get over it. How does the rest of the fan base feel?

Maybe I’m just becoming an old geezer and can’t go with the flow anymore. Actually, “old” refers to someone who is 20 years older than me.

Just for fun I recorded the Super Bowl and then planned to watch the commercials again at a later time. You know. Skip over the game and watch the ads.

What I didn’t realize is that the remote is made to jump in 30-second intervals to pass over the TV ads. It was too hard to do it the other way around so I gave up and erased it.

Besides, most of the ads weren’t that good.

Tankless water heaters. Makes perfect sense. An endless supply of hot water and they don’t waste energy when there is no need for hot water. They cost a little more upfront, but then begin paying back after a few years. There is no tank to rust out or fill with sediment.

Why didn’t I think of it?

Last week I suggested that no one should rely on the government solely as a source for retirement income.

I should have also mentioned financial planners who are pretty good at coming up with ways to fund ones own private nest egg.

We knew long before the space program that the earth was not flat. But I still wonder how the surveyors figured out there should be a correction line on the north/south roads every 36 miles.

And then how did they know how much correction to make?


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