Workers find near ‘disastrous’ situation

As Marion city workers continue cleanup and electrical repairs from the recent ice storm, Public Works Director Harvey Sanders told the Marion City Commission Monday that they came across one situation that potentially could have been “disastrous.”

Sanders said a hit-and-run vehicle apparently struck down guy wires on an electric pole at the corner of Colson and Coble streets, causing the pole to move about 6 inches.

Usually a utility pole that moves that far without its supports will break, Sanders said. This one could have taken a line of several other poles with it. The situation was corrected before that happened.

As the city crew continues with tree-limb cleanup, Sanders asked residents to stop stacking limbs around obstructions such as gas meters and telephone relays, where use of heavy equipment may be inhibited.

Sanders said some repair work at homes that must be done by electricians represents a continuing hazard. He suggested the city notify homeowners of hazardous situations one month ahead of disconnection if repairs aren’t done.

Mayor Martin Tice asked Sanders to make certain homeowners in such situations be given written notice.

Police Chief Michel Soyez noted that Federal Emergency Management Agency funds the city might receive for ice storm cleanup will be based on use of heavy equipment rather than hand labor.

Soyez reported minor dents to patrol vehicles caused by falling ice and tree branches.

He said two in-car videos have been installed in police cars. They were paid for with a Local Law Enforcement Block Grant of $5,958 with matching money of $662 from the city.

A third unit will be ordered and installed after this year’s car rotation, Soyez said.

City Manager David Mayfield, who was not present, left word he has met with FEMA representatives and there will be another meeting to submit claims.

Mayfield said Gary Smith of Rural Development told him he will discuss the progress of Marion’s loan and grant application for a water plant upgrade with him Jan. 26.

The commissioners reappointed Rosse Case, Forrest Smith and Roger Hannaford to three-year terms on the Marion Cemetary Board.

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