City asking for assistance in cleanup effort

Hillsboro City Administrator Steven F. Garrett has asked for the community’s continued help in removing debris resulting from the recent ice storm.

The process of cleaning up after the storm will be a long one, according to Garrett.

“The city will be removing debris from our easements,” he said. “If property owners can bring their limbs to the curb, we will be able to remove them.”

He stressed maintaining a “good neighbor policy.”

“We need to keep our eyes out for our neighbors who are unable to move their own limbs,” he said. “This is not over yet. We need to keep the older residents in mind.”

The Hillsboro tree dump is open during the day to accommodate residents hauling their limbs. The dump is located one mile north of Hillsboro on Indigo Road.

Garrett also said residents need to be wary of broken limbs still remaining in trees. He also reminded residents to be wary of out-of-town tree services.

Other communities have experienced problems with companies charging exorbitant prices for limb-cutting services, he said.

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