EDITORIAL: Remember the storm

What were you doing when the power went out during the Great Ice Storm of 2005? The question could live on for quite a few years in the wake of last week’s wicked weather.

Maybe a better conversation starter would be: What did you do after the power went out? One of the inspiring aspects of the ice storm was the way people across Marion helped each other during a significant time of need.

Even though venturing out into nasty weather is part of the job description for electrical line workers, many worked far above and beyond the call of duty.

Public servants truly served the public unselfishly-and most did so more than willingly.

Neighbors opened their homes and looked out for each other in so many ways.

The Great Ice Storm of 2005 will be remembered for what it did to us. But in time, perhaps we’ll recall what it did for us. This crisis brought us closer as a people. It tore down a lot of little prejudices that kept us apart and helped use understand that we need each other.

The Great Ice Storm of 2005 also helped us appreciate life’s quiet necessities-electricity, warmth, shelter, food-just a little bit more.

The adage is true. What didn’t kill us did make us stronger. -DR

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