What a week it was! We really got a workout-and so did the plumbing.

Sure is quiet in our apartment these days now that everyone has gone back home.

The grandsons received so many new things they asked about setting up the train only one time-and we never did. Guess we’ll save it for next trip.

What’s with our weather? It hasn’t been cold enough long enough to get out the long underwear. I kind of feel cheated, but I’m sure we’ll have plenty of chances before spring arrives.

I learned an interesting item about son-in-law George.

When he first moved to Georgia about 10 years ago, he and his brother were signed up as temps in Atlanta. One of their jobs was to serve as waiters at a shindig at the governor’s mansion when Zell Miller was in office. They waited on Mrs. Miller’s table.

Zell created quite a ruckus in Georgia with his speech at the Republican National Convention this past summer.

With my new post-heart-procedure lifestyle, I have never had so much sleep in my adult life. The long holidays have been a bonus, too.

I think 10 hours of sleep at a time is almost too much. But it beats the five and six I used to get.

We’ll see how long this lasts.

You might remember that I purchased a book to read while I’m chilling. I’m already up to page 64 and I’ve only had the book for two weeks. About 340 pages to go, I think.

I don’t know how others do it, but I stop reading when I’m on a page that I can associate with something-so I’ll know what page to start on when I pick up the book again.

The first time, I quit on my age, then I quit on the year I graduated from high school.

Amy asked if I had ever heard of a bookmark.

Oh, I didn’t think of it. Good idea.

A new year is always a great time. A fresh start if you will. A chance for do-overs.

One can look back at the past year and see where things went wrong and then look ahead and try to fix them.

Part of our big excitement at the Free Press and Hesston Record is embracing some of the new technology coming down the pike. Some moves planned are necessitated by obsolescence of old technology. Our old analog copier has served us well since the mid 1990s, but service on it wasn’t going to be available later this year.

Therefore, we are putting in a digital copier/fax/scanner/printer at both locations that will replace all of the individual pieces of equipment we now have. This will be on our networks, too, so everyone has access to it.

When a junk fax comes in, we are not forced to print it out and use up our film. We can just delete it and-poof-it will be gone.

Hope your new year is productive and positive. If last year wasn’t quite what you hoped for, this could be your year to shine.

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